Filtering Ratings

The filter dialog shown below allows you to specify a subset of items to be displayed when viewing ratings.

You can specify a subset of alternatives, decision makers (Tetra GDM only), and a branch of the criteria tree. Selected alternatives and decision makers are shown on the right-hand side. To remove an item, select it and press <-Remove or double click the item. To add an item back into the list, select it in the list on the left, and click Add-> or double click the item. You can add or remove all alternatives or decision makers by clicking corresponding buttons. You can also choose a specific branch of the criteria tree. Click on the ... button to the right of the Parent Criterion Node field, and browse to criterion you wish to specify as the parent. This will generate a solution based on the ratings for all criteria below, and including, the selected criterion.

Once you have completed your selections, click the OK button and the partial ratings will be displayed.