Reference Rating Example

Suppose we have a model that we are using to decide which one of five homes to buy. One criterion in the model is the distance to work and, for this criterion, we wish to use the distances from a nearby apartment and duplex to work to help rate the five homes even though the apartment and duplex are not alternatives that are being evaluated. We want to use their distances only as a reference.

In this case, we can create a reference rating called Distance Reference that will contain the two reference alternatives, Apartment and Duplex. Then we will open the rating ruler associated with the Distance to Work criterion, and display the Distance Reference reference rating ruler above it.

The following steps are used to create and display the reference rating:

Having followed the above procedure you will be able to see the reference alternatives as shown in the image below. Note that Set Right and Set Left operations are available for these reference alternatives (see Specifying Ratings for details).

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