Viewing Weights

Note that, in Tetra GDM, only the model owner can view the weights.

To show a table with the weights for the entire model, choose Show Criteria Weights from the Model menu. This will display a table like the one shown here.

Using the Export button, the information displayed can be exported in a form that can be read by other programs, such as spreadsheets.

Criteria Weights

The weighting values column shows the actual values that were entered on the ruler. The local weights column shows the weighting of criteria relative to others in the same criteria folder. The local weights of all the criteria contained within a single criteria folder will always add up to one. The global weights column shows the weight of each criterion relative to the top of the tree. If you think of the process of assigning weights to criteria in terms of "slicing up a pie," the local weights show how a piece of a pie corrresponding to a criteria folder is divided up among its sub-criteria, and the global weights show the portion of the total pie that has been assigned to a criterion. For example, if we had a top-level criteria folder, C1, with weight of 1/2, and then inside C1 another criteria folder, C2, with a local weight of 1/3, and finally, inside C2, a criterion, C3, with a local weight of 1/4, then the global weight of C3 would be (1/2)x(1/3)x(1/4)=1/24. The sum of all the global weights for all the simple criteria (those with no sub-criteria) of a model will always be one.

Decision Maker Weights (GDM)

In GDM, an option to Show Decision Maker Weights is available from the Model menu. The above dialog contains a third tab for viewing normalized decision maker weights. This displays a table whose columns represent the decision makers in the model, and whose rows display relevant criteria for the weight paradigm. The values shown in each row are normalized; the sum of the weights of each row is one.

The Ratings tab in this window can be used for viewing ratings.