Working with Decision Makers (GDM Only)

In order to work with decision makers, choose Edit Decision Makers... in the Model menu or click the   button in the toolbar. Note that this is only available to the  model owner. This will open the window shown here.

Decision makers can be added or deleted using the buttons at the top of the window. To change the properties of a decision maker, select it from the list on the left, and then edit the properties on the right of the window. Note that, for the model owner, the name and type cannot be changed. Once you have made changes, these can be saved by clicking the Apply button on the bottom of the window. Clicking Ok will attempt to save changes and close the window.

Decision maker properties

Each decision maker must have a name and password, which will be used when opening the model. The password is hidden, and must be entered twice to confirm that it is entered correctly.

The type of decision maker can be selected, as desribed on the Decision Makers page.

Decision maker weights are assigned by the model owner on the decision maker weighting.

Finally, a comment can be given for each decision maker.

Note that decision makers are specific to a model, and must be specified each time a model is created.

Changing your password

Individual decision makers can change their password by opening the model, and then choosing Change Password... from the Model menu. You will be asked to enter your exisiting password, and enter and confirm your new password.