Decision Maker Weights

For more information on weight paradigms, which are referred to below, see the Weight Paradigms section in the Tetra GDM Administration Tool help documentation.

In Stakeholder and Family weight paradigms, decision maker weights are assigned by the model owner. In these two paradigms, a single decision maker weighting can be created under the root criterion as shown below. This is used to specify decision maker weights for the entire model. If no weighting exists, all decision makers in the model are weighted equally.

In Expert weight paradigm decision maker weightings can be created on lowest-level (leaf) criteria, similar to ratings. The weights specified apply to the associated criterion. Each decision maker can specify their own weight, indicating their level of expertise. Model owners can specify a weight for all decision makers. Weights specified by model owners will override weights specified by other decision makers. To view the final, normalized decision maker weights for the model refer to the section on Viewing Weights.

Double clicking on a decision maker weighting icon opens a decision maker weighting ruler, whose functionality is identical to a criteria weighting ruler (see Specifying Weights).