Working with Tetra GDM Models

Creating a new model

New models are not created from within Tetra GDM, but must be created using the Tetra GDM Administration Tool. The Tetra GDM Administration tool, including online help, can be accessed under the Tetra GDM Start Menu folder.

Opening a model

Choose Open Model... under the File menu. You can also click on the    icon in the toolbar. This will open the Open Model dialog window. Note that opening a model closes the current model (if any), prompting you to save any unsaved changes to rulers.

In order to open a model for the first time, you must know the name of the model, and the server on which it resides. Choose the server in the list at the top of the dialog, then type in the Model Name in the text field at the bottom, and then press Open. To open a model that you have accessed before, just choose it in the list of models shown and then press Open. When you open a model you will be prompted for your user name and password for that model. The person who created the model (using the Tetra GDM Administration Tool) can provide you with this information.

Note that if the model owner has locked the model for exclusive operations such as editing alternatives and criteria, you will get an error message and will not be able to open the model.

You can remove items from the list by selecting them and pressing the  icon. Note that this does not delete the model from the server. This can only be done using the Tetra GDM Administration Tool.

You can also quickly access recently used models with the Recent Models item in the File menu.

Saving a model

Other than rulers, changes to models are saved automatically. Thus the Save and Save All menu items apply only to rulers.

Closing a model

Choose Close under the File menu. Note that this will prompt you to save any unsaved changes to rulers.