Working with Rulers

In Tetra information on weighting criteria or decision makers (GDM) and rating alternatives is entered using weighting rulers and rating rulers respectively. These rulers are discussed in detail in the sections linked above, but here we will cover some aspects of working with them which are the same for both types of rulers.

When a ruler is created, it is given a default name. This name can be changed to something more descriptive if you wish. Rulers are opened in the content pane, each displayed on individual tabs. In GDM, when a ruler has unsaved changes, a * is added to the end of the ruler name in the ruler's tab. The figure below shows an example of a content pane with a number of open rulers.

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The tabs along the top represent the open rulers, and clicking on a tab will bring that ruler to the front and display it. The top part of the content pane shows a graphical representation of the ruler, which can be used to provide input values. The lower part shows a table which can be used for numerical input.

Opening a ruler

To open a ruler in the content pane double click its icon in the navigation pane. If the ruler is already open, its tab will be brought to the front. If it is not open yet, a tab will be created containing it, and it will be brought to the front.

Closing a ruler

To close a ruler click on the small box marked with an X in the top-right corner of the ruler's tab. In GDM, if there are unsaved changes, you will be prompted to save them.

Saving rulers (GDM only)

You can save changes to a ruler by choosing Save Ruler under the Ruler menu. You can also right click anywhere in the ruler area and choose Save, or click on the    icon in the toolbar. You can save changes to all rulers at once by choosing Save All Rulers under the Ruler menu. You can also click on the    icon in the toolbar.

Switching between rulers

To switch to an open ruler, just click on the tab of the ruler in the content pane. Note that the previous ruler remains open, in its own tab.

You can also switch to an open ruler by double clicking on its icon in the navigation pane.

Auto-generating rulers

You can also generate all weighting and rating rulers for a model at once, using the    button in the toolbar.