Criteria Weights

When making a decision, each of the criteria upon which the decision is based is assigned a weight, indicating the importance of that criterion relative to others. In Tetra these weights are organised in the same tree-like structure as the criteria, with weights for top-level criteria, sub-criteria, sub-sub criteria and so on.

Every criteria folder automatically contains a Weights icon   . This item is used to create a criteria weighting for the criteria contained in the same criteria folder as the weights icon. Criteria weightings, indicated by the    icon, are where values are specified for the weights on criteria.

Decision Maker Weights

In GDM, weights can also be assigned to decision makers and, as with criteria, these are also organised in a tree structure. Decision maker weightings are indicated by the   icon, and function identically to criteria weightings. In the following sections, instructions for working with criteria weightings also applies to decision maker weightings. See the section on Decision Maker Weights for more information.

This section contains subsections on Working with Weighting Rulers, Specifying Weights and Viewing Weights.