The toolbar contains icons for the most commonly accessed functions in Tetra.

Tetra SDM Toolbar

The icons have the following functions:

 Create a new model (Not present in the GDM toolbar, since models for GDM must be created using the Tetra GDM Administration Tool.)
  Open a model
 Save the model (SDM). (In GDM: save a ruler.)
 Save all rulers (GDM only)
 Edit Decision Makers (GDM only)
 Create a new Alternative
 Create a new Criterion
 Create a new Rating Ruler
 Create a new Criteria Weighting
 Create a new Decision Maker Weighting (GDM Only)
 Create a new Reference Alternative
 Create a new Reference Rating
 Generate all rating and weighting rulers.
 Go to the previous rating ruler.
 Go to the next rating ruler.
 Go to the previous weighting ruler.
 Go to the next weighting ruler.
 Compute the solution for the model.
 Show or hide the navigation pane.
 Show or hide the content pane.
 Show or hide the output pane.