Working with Criteria

Note that, in Tetra GDM, only the model owner can create, rename, delete or edit the properties of criteria.

Creating a criterion

When any of these ways of creating a criterion is used, it is created as a sub-criterion of the currently selected criterion. If the top-level criteria folder is selected, the new criterion is created at the top level. Whenever a sub-criterion is created, its parent criterion is changed from a simple criterion to a criteria folder, indicated by the    icon. You cannot create sub-criteria of a criterion which already has ratings. In order to create sub-criteria in this case you must first delete these ratings. A criteria folder always contains a Weights icon   . To create a criterion:

Criteria are created with default values for names. You can change these as described below.

Renaming a criterion

Deleting a criterion

When any of these ways of deleting a criterion is used, if the last criterion in a criteria folder is deleted, the criteria folder is changed back into a simple criterion. Also note that when you delete a criterion, all weightings and ratings relating to that criterion are lost.

Editing criterion properties

Showing and hiding criteria

Cutting, copying and pasting criteria

Note that, when a criteria folder is copied, all of the criteria contained in the folder are also copied. Also note that, when copying and pasting criteria, the weighting rulers and rating rulers contained within the criteria are also copied and pasted, along with all the weights and ratings on those rulers.

Criteria may be copied or cut by either:

When pasting criteria, they are created as sub-criteria of the selected criteria folder. They are also re-named to give them unique names, if necessary. Criteria may be pasted by either:

When copying and pasting criteria from one model into another, you will be prompted to create alternatives for any ratings which refer to alternatives that do not exist in the destination model.

Criteria can be moved to a new tree location by selecting and dragging with the mouse. Holding Ctrl while dragging will create a new copy.

In Tetra GDM, only the ratings for the current user are copied.